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                                        ADD:No. 18 Jinlu Road, Jinxi Town, Kunshan City, China
                                        ZIP: 215324

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                                        Kunshan Viza valve Co., Ltd

                                        KUNSHAN VIZA VALVE CO., LTD

                                         Dedicating in providing quality valve product & great service, always keen to meet  customer's expectation. 

                                        Full Range Product Line

                                        Project Packing Solution


                                        55000 SQM

                                        Professional Manufacturing Facility


                                        Employees Globally 

                                        ISO 14001 - Caring Nature 



                                        VIZA develop and implement an effective environmental management system. Dedicating to provide assurance that environmental impact is being measured and improved. 


                                        OHSAS 18001 - Safety First

                                        Viza has all internaltional quality control system qualification in place and also various products certifications, ISO 9001, API Q1, API 6D, CE,

                                        SIL-3 etc. 



                                        Building own culture to minimize injuries at workplace.


                                        OUR CUSTOMER


                                        NEWS CENTER

                                        • Markets


                                          VIZA is the export-oriented manufacturer. Valves products nearly 100% are exported to North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, totally more than 50 countries and areas.

                                        • Advanced Manufacturing


                                          VIZA uses the latest automation technology, including CNC machine center and many special-purpose machines such as automatic welding machine, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, automatic painting system